Choose Mold Remediation and Cleanup Specialists in York, PA

Remove Mold Spores From Your Property

If your home has recently sustained water damage resulting from a flood, you need mold remediation services to keep mold spores from growing on exposed surfaces.

Mold can grow on damp wood, paper, insulation and other materials. Let A.R.C. Property Services, LLC help you dry out and sterilize your interior. Dial 717-637-6152 now to schedule mold cleanup in New Oxford and York, PA.

Schedule professional mold remediation today

Schedule professional mold remediation today

Where is the source of mold in your home? If you're not sure, call A.R.C. Property Services to locate and remove the mold from your home. Our mold cleanup crew in New Oxford and York, PA goes beyond eliminating mold on walls, doors and other surfaces. We pinpoint the moisture problem and address it before we remove the mold to make sure it won't return. Some common causes of mold include:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Flood damage
  • Damp basements
  • Failed sump pumps

If moisture is accumulating in your home, you may already have a mold problem. Call A.R.C. Property Services at 717-637-6152 for mold remediation services today.