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A.R.C. Property Services, LLC is your local solution for home improvement projects in New Oxford and York, PA and the Southern PA area. Our team is hand-picked because we believe in providing the most hardworking and experienced contractors to serve your needs. We can address your home repair, maintenance and upgrade issues, no matter how large or small.

Our services include:

Mold cleanup

Home additions

Mold remediation

Home remodeling

General home repairs

Property maintenance

Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Choose A.R.C. Property Services for help maintaining your property inside and out. Questions? Call 717-637-6152 for more information about what we can do for you.

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4 Creative Approaches to Home Remodeling & Home Additions

in New Oxford and York, PA

A.R.C. Property Services, LLC makes it easy and economical for you to renovate your home.

Here are four ways you can improve your living space with our home remodeling services:

Lay new tile or hardwood in your kitchen.

Install a new clawfoot tub in your master bathroom.

Renovate the storage cabinets in your laundry room.

Change the vanity and counter in your guest bathroom.

Are your creative juices flowing yet? Call 717-637-6152 today to schedule a design consultation.

Water damage repair in New Oxford, York, PA and the Southern PA area

Whether your bathtub accidentally overflowed or a flood swept through your New Oxford, or York, PA neighborhood, A.R.C. Property Services can help. We have the specialized equipment and experience needed to remove moist or damaged materials and dry out the area thoroughly. Plus, our experts know what measures to take to keep mold from growing in your space.

If you need water damage repairs, don't delay. Call A.R.C. Property Services at 717-637-6152 right now to schedule an appointment.