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A.R.C. Property Services, LLC is a leader in professional floor installation in York and Littlestown, PA. We carry tile, laminate and hardwood. Count on us to sit down with you and help you find a material that balances style and durability. We offer matte, gloss, semi-gloss and satin finishes.

We'll remove your flooring and take our time measuring and placing each piece of flooring so that it looks great and lasts.

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3 reasons to upgrade your flooring

3 reasons to upgrade your flooring

Flooring installation is an easy way to dramatically improve the look of your home. Save money without compromising value by choosing A.R.C. Property Services, LLC. We can:

  1. Change the ambiance of a room
  2. Replace worn, scratched or warped flooring
  3. Install a more durable flooring material

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